Physics League has new videos!

Now we have videos of all our activities!

A Pirates’ World, Physics to the Limit, Other Worlds’ Physics, The Power of Physics… Some of them are totally new, other are renovate, so you can know us a little bit more.

Enjoy them!

A Pirates’ World


Physics to the Limit


Other Worlds’ Physics


The Power of Physics


Movie Physics

November 12th and 13th, in the Science Week, Physics League performed for the first time the “Movie Physics” workshop in the Science Faculty of the University of Valladolid. 300 students, with ages between 15 and 18 year old, from Valladolid and province could enjoy different experiments, divided in three little workshops: “The power of Physics”, “Physics to the Limit” and “Light from other worlds” , all with an ambiance in famous movies like Star Wars, Spy Kids, Mission: Impossible, Indiana Jones and more.

¡Thank you all for coming!

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